60-Minute Thought Leadership Training

Become Known as a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Three ways to build your brand reputation, impact, and expertise to become the industry leader you’re meant to be.

...and that the world needs!

What You Will Learn


Your Zone of Genius

The power of knowing your own brand, and what you’re zone of genius is to change your industry and life.

The Power of the Pitch

Understanding the power pitch and networking to get the stages and press you dream to.

Packaging Your Expertise

Developing and packaging your expertise for keynotes and trainings and how to identify the core pillars of your thought leadership.


Walk Away Understanding...

Personal Branding

The key aspects of creating a world class personal brand. 

Name Recognition

How to get your story known by the right decision makers in your industry and in the spaces you want to enter.

Curriculum Building

 The power of building a curriculum around your industry experience and expertise.


Your Training Experience by Komal

Hi! I'm Komal.

I’m an interviewer, investor, podcast host, and strategist + educator dedicated to helping spotlight your expertise in the world to scale your impact in your industry and beyond.

Over the last decade I have built a thought leadership business that has led me to interviewing Michelle Obama on her Canadian arena tour in front of 8,000, to having my own advice column for Fortune Magazine. I have interviewed hundreds of leaders across industries and through this journey realized the power of our platforms to truly change the systems we live and work in.

Through sharing my expertise as a resilience educator, and women’s entrepreneurship and leadership expert, I have been able to enter rooms I only dreamed of, and to build partnerships and relationships with industry leaders who have now become my friends and peers. It’s through this critical work of platforming and sharing our expertise with the world that we can make our industries more equitable, accountable, and to create the shifts we know are needed for the workforce to come next.

We get to steward the changes we have longed for by building the platforms we are meant for.

It’s time for the world to know your name!!


Included In

Your Webinar Experience

A worksheet to refer back to your key takeaways about planning, flow, and purpose from the training

A limited time replay (30-days) of the training

An invitation to continue working with Komal to build your Thought Leadership business (limited spots available to ensure a high impact experience!)


Becoming a thought leader in your industry comes with many benefits. 

Here are just a few...

Increased Visibility and Credibility

Being recognized as a thought leader in your industry can increase your visibility and credibility among your peers and potential clients. In fact, according to a study by Edelman, 63% of people trust thought leaders more than traditional leaders or celebrities.

This year was the first where 10% of Fortune 500 companies were led by women! Increased representation of women and women of colour across industries as go-to thought leaders will continue to have a massive impact on the incoming workforce for generations to come.




Opportunities for Growth

As a thought leader, you'll have more opportunities to speak at conferences, write articles, and participate in other industry events. This can lead to more business and career opportunities. In a study by Forbes, 80% of thought leaders surveyed said they had been offered new business opportunities as a result of their thought leadership.

This is critically important because having more women in leadership and positions of power leads to more diversity in decision-making and more inclusive and equitable workplaces and industries




Increased Revenue

Being a thought leader can also help you increase your revenue. You can charge more for your services, write a book, or develop a course or training program. A study by KPMG found that thought leaders earn up to 30% more than their peers.

This can support you in impacting your family and communities that matter most to you! It’s time for you to increase your earnings through your expertise to build your own savings and the impact you can have on your world.




Making an Impact

 As a thought leader, you'll have the opportunity to make a real impact in your industry by sharing your knowledge and experience with others. According to a study by the Center for Creative Leadership, thought leaders are 27 times more likely to drive transformative change in their organizations.

By supporting and elevating more women as thought leaders, we can drive positive change and improve the performance of individual companies and entire industries




Let’s bring all of this and more to life for you! 

Join me for this Thought Leadership Training and let’s make sure your story and impact are known!