Thought Leadership Intensive

Build a business out of your expertise, career experience, and passion for changing the industry you’re in. This intensive has been developed to help you build the structures for you to cultivate a reputation of excellence, and expertise, and to create a brand and business around the parts of your career experience that you most want to elevate in the world.


Thought leadership is being sought out for the particular expertise that you have cultivated throughout your career, and that you have a specialty in delivering. It takes intention to build this reputation, and the systems to consistently attract the stages and spaces you long to be seen in, and the business to elevate that thought leadership to the next level.

What is Thought Leadership ??

You will learn to make an impact beyond your 9 to 5 and the role you’ve been assigned or taken for the last many years of your career and become the thought leader you are meant to be. For business owners and founders, you will finally learn to leverage your mission and story to build the industry and public awareness you’ve been longing for.

Through this group mastermind, you will create a curriculum, keynotes, and a reputation for being the industry go-to for your niche and the strategies to action your growth plans.

You will meet monthly for group advising calls where we will:

• Explore topics and answer questions related to: accounting and finance, PR, copywriting, curriculum development, public speaking, and more

• Triage and dive into any pressing areas of concern and amplification that you want to explore together related to work, life, ambition, mindset, and impact

• Strategize and action your next steps for your current business and career growth on your terms.

• Create accountability plans for your well-being and self-care (which will enable more space for your development as a Thought Leader)


What's Included

Pre-recorded training workshops to dive into areas of focus to help you build your Thought Leadership business and revenue.

EACH workshop FOCUSES ON  a specific TOPICS


  • Developing your core pillars of expertise and your unique Thought Leader curriculum

  • Learning how to successfully pitch yourself for keynotes and panels in your unique niche and industry

  • How to develop your media kit and find the right team to create your Thought Leadership website

  • Creating your press outreach strategy to scale your impact through press features and articles you contribute

  • Build your confidence in public speaking and developing compelling and interactive keynotes

  • Planning your social media strategies for impact (platforms dependent on your goals and needs)

  • Creating a  content strategy  to share your thought leadership including: social media, podcasting, newsletters, and more.

  • Developing your leads list, sales and outreach strategy, and processes to book stages and future clients

  • Workflow development for optimal daily impact through your work and business (software, weekly planning, and more)

  • Network building and outreach strategies to elevate your community in the ways your expertise deserves

  • Building strategies to continue to cultivate and develop your subject matter expertise, depth of knowledge, and market differentiation

Topics Include...


Thank you, Komal for creating a warm, welcoming and "safe" space to show up as my authentic self even on the days I feel like my brain is super chaotic.

- Sarita

Not only am I grateful for the support/encouragement and mini challenges you offer that  push my comfort zone,  I'm grateful for the opportunity to surround myself with and learn from the  amazing group of women you have brought together.


MEMBER Testimonial

Increased confidence in your own expertise

and momentum towards your dream vision for your career, impact, and influence.

Your unique Thought Leadership curriculum

and keynotes to make massive impact on the audiences and organizations you speak to.

New revenue streams

built on your Thought Leadership curriculum through keynotes and educational products based on your expertise.

The system and processes you need

to book keynotes and panels, be featured in and contribute to media, and your first few features implemented.

A powerful network of high-impact humans

 trailblazing in their unique industries alongside you.

During our time together, you’ll walk away with… 

Komal is an interviewer, investor, podcast host, business strategist and educator dedicated to helping spotlight your expertise in the world to scale your impact in your industry and beyond. She has worked with and interviewed hundreds of leaders throughout her career as a thought leader, and knows that this is how we change the systems we live in: by increasing the visibility of those who are most passionate and committed to transforming their industries for the better, towards greater impact, inclusion, and efficacy. 

This is how you can and will continue to inspire others to become a part of, and transform the industry and space you are most passionate about!

The Coach and The Mission

If you’re here, you know of me and my impact because of the thought leadership business I have built over the last decade.

 From speaking at the White House and Harvard, to interviewing Michelle Obama on stage and so many others on my podcast, to now being a columnist for Fortune Magazine, I have worked diligently to cultivate a reputation and systems to continue to elevate women in business and leadership, and to help others build their resiliency.

Hi, I'm Komal!

Now it’s your time to do the same for what you’re destined to be known for.